Bible Study for December 2002:


Study 3: IN THE FIRE

Daniel 3:19-25

Babylon was different from Zion. This world will always be different from the heavenly Jerusalem. As long as we are here, someone greater than Nebuchadnezzar, in whose territory we are lifting up the banner of the King of kings, will be furious. We should not be surprised if Satan in his fury heats up the furnace in anger against ďthe servants of the most high God.Ē
God has promised to be with us in the fire and His promise will never fail.


Descendants of Nebuchadnezzar who are committed to the god of this world, energized by the spirit of the age, surrounded and supported by the idol worshippers and magicians, still build fire to burn ministers of the gospel.

a) Fire of Tongues James 3:5,6; Proverbs 16:27-30; 26:18-26; Job 5:21; Psalm 31:20
Deception, slander, conspiracy, strife, criticism, betrayal, contention and division through the tongue often burn like fire. It is difficult to stand the heat or to control the destruction caused by such fire.
Without grace and Godís restraining power, such fire can burn everything that has been done.

b) Fire of Persecution and Opposition Luke 12:49-53; Psalm 74:7-19,22
Without the presence of the Son of God, who can walk at liberty when our blood relations fight against our call, ministry and consecration?
Only by grace can we stand courageously willing to keep on serving the Lord.

c) Furnace of Affliction Deuteronomy 4:20; Exodus 1:11-14
Oppression, Injustice, Poverty, Denial of fundamental human rights, Slavery, Crafty device of bondage, infanticide and Universal humiliation were afflictions that Israel passed through in Egypt.
It is burning fire that has the possibility of totally destroying the people of God. Yet Godís presence and power prevents the bush from being consumed (Exodus 3:1-8).

d) Trials and Tribulations 1 Peter 1:6,7; 4:12-14
Troubles and trials may burn like fire; we need the Lord with us all the time.

Isaiah 43:1,2; Psalm 34:19; 2 Timothy 4:18; 2 Corinthians 12:9; Daniel 3:21-30

These light afflictions cannot destroy a true child of God, neither can they destroy the Church or a ministry raised up by God Himself.
Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego stood firm and they would not compromise the truth of the only true God.
If we are loyal, faithful and obedient to Godís eternal, unchanging truth, His power will protect us and preserve our ministry.




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