Bible Study for November 2002:



Mark 4:35-41


The Lord Jesus told the disciples to pass over to the other side yet a crisis set in. There is no guarantee of a trial-free, temptation-free christian life but there is the promise of victory for the trusting. At the "other side", there is Godís best awaiting us. At the other side of Jordan, Israel received an inheritance (Joshua 4:11-24), at the other side of Jordan, Elisha received the double portion (2 Kings 2:7-14), at the other side of his pride and reluctance, Naaman was healed of his leprosy (2 Kings 5:12-14), at the other side of the many-fold discouragements, the syrophonecian woman received her desire (Matthew 15:21-28); at the other side of the unjust lawyerís indifference, the widow had her wish executed (Luke 18:1-8). What are the problems holding you back from your desires, life goals, God. Donít give up, at the other side there is fulness and abundance.



1 Peter 5:7; Philippians 4:6; Matthew 6:25-34; 7:7-11; John 11:35,36; Jeremiah 29:11; Mark 10:46-52; Luke 7:12-15; 8:42,54-56; 9:38-42; 5:1-11; Psalm 103:13.


The disciplesí anxious and fearful outcry "carest thou not that we perish?" is still manís way of responding to problems. Is God there? Why are all these happening to me? Does God really care about me? These are a few of the questions that constantly overwhelm the hearts of those beset by a crisis, facing untold hardships, suffering pain, facing disappointment and betrayal. But the scriptures give us a resounding assurance of the Saviourís care. His care in their predicament is vividly illustrated in the phrase "He arose" - immediately, purposefully and positively. Whatever difficult circumstances you may be in, He cares. If Jesus is your lifeís boat, you cannot sink for He can never sink.



Isaiah 43:1-7; Mark 5:8,15; 9:20-27; Exodus 14:14; 33:14; Psalm 107:20; Isaiah 55:10,11; Joshua 23:14; 2 Corinthians 1:20; Psalm 119:89; Mark 11:21-24.


There is no storm that can defy the Saviourís command. At His command, there will be calm. In every difficult situation in life, we can be victorious, in every seeming confusion, we can receive His guidance; in every temptation and trial, we can be overcomers because we have an unchanging God in our changing circumstances (Hebrews 13:8; Malachi 3:6). What present problems are you passing through? What storm is raging against your family life? Are the financial waves almost submerging you? Are you crossing difficult rivers in your career? One word of command is all you need from the Saviour and the calm will be restored.



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