Bible Study for October/November 2002:



Matthew 12:30


Every man's relationship with God is determined by his attitude to Christ. He who rejects Christ does not have fellowship with God. The question "what shall I do with Christ?" determines what God will do with you eternally. Christ is the only way to God. Sin separates us from God and from Christ. Repentance and faith in Christ for forgiveness and righteousness reconcile us to God. Saved and redeemed, we are in Christ, manifesting the grace to live for Him and lead others to Him. Enemies of Christ do not only reject Him, they also hinder others from believing in Him. Friends and followers of Christ do not only believe in Christ, they help and lead others to believe and follow Him too. Our attitudes and actions reflect either faith or unbelief.

True believers lead others to Christ constantly. Wherever Christ is - in pardoning grace, with His presence and power, whether in a Church service or Conference gathering - true Christians will bring others there.



Matthew 2:1-12; Luke 2:7-17,25-32; John 1:35-37


From the time Christ's birth, God's Spirit, the Star and the angels directed people to where they could find Christ. When the shepherds received the information of Christ's birth, they immediately arose to go and see Him. Today, we are to direct those around us to Christ - lead them to where they can find pardon, peace, purity, power, healing, deliverance and satisfaction in Christ.



John 1:40-42,45-49; 12:20-23; Luke 8:37-40


Every one who knows and loves the Lord, Jesus Christ, will endeavour to reach others and bring them to Christ. We need to get to people wherever they are - neighbourhoods, marketplaces, motorparks, hospitals, schools, offices, railway stations, factories, villages, etc.- and convince them to come to the Lord. Before next Sunday worship service, seize every opportunity to invite all and sundry to the worship service where we can all meet Christ, the Saviour and the Redeemer.



Psalm 68:11; John 4:29,30; Acts 8:4; 1 Corinthians 12:15-22.


All members of the Church must be involved in exalting and publicising Christ. There is no useless member in the Body of Christ. Every member of the body under the control of the head, receiving the life flow as the blood circulates in the body functions actively. Every member of the Body of Christ receiving grace and help from above must function actively for the cause of Christ. We must all be involved with praying, preparation, publicity and provision for the maiden worship service where Christ will be mightily present to bless and prepare us for the future.


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